RunUO Archive Project – Ultima Online
Developer: Dante, Jeff, Archon
Project: RunUO Emulator, UO Razor, AssistUO
Github: RunUO Project
Forum: RunUO Forum
Script Library:
Shards: UO Evolution (Flagship Dev Shard)
Website: RunUO
Archive: RunUO Archive
Wiki: RunUO Wiki

AssistUO: AssistUO
UORazor: UO Razor

UO Evolution Shard Project – Ultima Online
Developer: Dante, Jeff, Archon
Project: RunUO 2.1 Emulator
Description:Top Custom Development Shard since 2010
Github: RunUO Project
Forum: UO Evolution Forum
Script Library:
Shards: UO Evolution (Flagship Dev Shard)
Website: UO Evolution
Wiki: UO Evolution Wiki

2014 Development Logs
2015 Development Logs
2016 Development Logs
2017 Development Logs
2018 Development Logs

Pol Server Project – Ultima Online
Developer: Penultima
Project: Penultima/Pol Server
Description: POL is an Ultima Online® emulator that has been in development for over 12 years and supports most of the features that players have enjoyed from Ultima Online: The Second Age® to Ultima Online: Mondain’s Legacy®. POL is the most flexible and customizable UO emulator around.
Script Library:
Website: Pol Server – Ultima Online

Sphere Server Project – Ultima Online
Project: Sphere Server Project
Description: Sphere is an Ultima Online® emulator that has been in development since 1997. Sphere has undergone a number of name changes and a very large amount of development since its beginning. It has been called Grayworld, TUS (The Ultimate Server), and finally Sphere.
Github: Sphereserver Github
Forum: Sphere Server Forum
Script Library Submissions: Forum Script Submissions
Script Library 2: Sphere Script Library
Wiki: Sphere Wiki
Website: Sphere Server Website

JoinUO Project – Ultima Online
Developer: Jeff, JoinUO Team
Project: JoinUO Top List/Poller, JoinUO Top List, Shard Development

JoinUO Old Content Archives

JoinUO Client Projects
UOClientSDK – An asynchronous networking library for connecting to a UO server.
Wombat SDK – An SDK based on UltimaSDK, but with an improved class structure, making it WPF compatible.
RunUO Server Admin – Ultima Online Freeshard Server Administrator Utility for Windows.

JoinUO Demo Projects
UO Demo – UO Demo or UODemo refers to the Ultima Online Demo released by Origin Systems Inc in 1998 on the UO:Second Age Retail CD. It was as the name hints, an offline playable demo of the Ultima Online game back then. The information in this wiki is derived from reverse engineering the demo consisting of one executable file and one data file.

UO:98 Public Ultima Online Server – UO:98 is an extension to the UO Demo, making it a fully functional and administrable multi-player server.
UO Demo Class Library – A general class library for the UO Demo, includes script Compiler and Decompiler.
UOSL Language Package – Language pack for Visual Studio 2010
UOSL Parser – Command line script validator and normalizer.

Script Library:
Website: JoinUO

UO Steam Project – Ultima Online
Developer: Kraz
Project: UO Steam Project
Github: UO Steam Download
Link UO Steam Download
Forum: UO Steam Forum
UO Steam Wiki: UO Steam Wiki
Website: UO Steam

Dark Shard Project – Ultima Online
Developer: Carl Hamilton
Project: Dark Shard Project
Description: The Dark Shard Project site specializes in providing custom replacement world maps for the Ultima Online gaming community. There are currently 25 custom replacement maps available on the site
Script Library: Unavailable
Website: Dark Shard Website

UO Portal Project – Ultima Online
Project: UO Toplist
Description: Ultima Online Top Shard List with shard descriptions, polling and statistics
Forum: Ultima Portal Forum
Script Library: Ultima Portal Scripts
Project: UO Portal Toplist

UO Is Not Dead! Project – Ultima Online
Developer: Felladrin
Project: UO Is Not Dead! – Top Shard List
Script Library:
Shards: Last Wish
Website: UO Is Not Dead!

EasyUO Project – Ultima Online
Developer: CEO
Project: EasyUO Software

EasyUO isthe premiere macroing tool for Ultima Online. EasyUO is a totally free tool that enables you to write scripts that will make your UO characters perform, pretty much anything, you want them to in-game
Script Library: EasyUO Script Library
Shards: Alexandria
Forum: EasyUO Forum
Website: EasyUO

Ultima Offline Experiment 3 – Ultima Online
Developer: List of Developers
Project: Ultima Offline Experiment 3
UOX3 stands for Ultima Offline eXperiment 3, and can basically be described as an Ultima Online server-emulator. It allows anyone and everyone to run their own private Ultima Online shard (either offline or online) which they may then connect to using either the official UO Client or a custom one.
Script Library: UOX3 Script Library
Shards: UOX3
Forum: UOX3 Forum
Website: Ultima Offline Experiment 3