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UO Evolution

“The Game has Evolved…UO Evolution!” UO Evolution is the most unique and customized Ultima Online (RunUO Emulator) free shard in the world. It is Ranked #1 by the community in the custom free shard category! We are also top rated on 30 Ultima Online voting sites. With over 5 years online, 10000+ accounts and an average of […]

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Elder Ultima

Elder Ultima Shard IP: play.elderultima.com port: 2593 This is a custom UO:R Era Shard with PvP & PvM, running on the 2D classic client, but does accept newer client logins. We encourage RPG, but is at the players discretion. Ultima Online Renaissance Era Freeshard Ver 2.4.1 9264 Core 4.0.30319 UO Renaissance Era Shard Professional Development […]

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Welcome to Pandora UO – Features Pandora has more content than any other free shard. Here is a basic list on some of the most important features. You will see stuff on Pandora you have never seen before, because we are the first free shard with High Seas & Stygian Abyss. We strive for a […]

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The Wakened

The Wakened Most free shards go one of two routes, either purist or custom, we believe the better road is in the middle. Uptime 100%

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Zenvera Zenvera offers a mix of classic UOR style gameplay with modern enhancements, active staff, and talented developers.


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Ultima T2A

Posted  February 21st, 2014  by  Archon

Welcome to Ultima T2A Ultima T2A is one of the most accurate emulation’s of the UO: The Second Age era online today. Life is hard, PVP is pure, and nothing is free. On Ultima T2A you will build your character from the ground up! UT2A is post 97 – pre 99. This shard has an […]

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Tutorial for new players of ULTIMA ONLINE

Posted  August 12th, 2012  by  Archon

__________________________________________________ Tutorial to new players of ULTIMA ONLINE (PC) v. 1.3.4 Written by: Jere Lindell Last updated: 8.12.2002 __________________________________________________ Here is a nice, outdated How-to guide for playing Ultima Online. There is still some great information and advice in this UO Guide Latest update: 14.12.02 – Long Christmas holiday. Lots of time to tweak the […]

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