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February 11th, 2015

Roleplaying in the Age of MMORPGs

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Written by: Archon
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If you lived as a teen through the 70’s and 80’s, then you know the popularity of Dungeons & Dragons and other Role Playing Games (RPGs) of that era.

There was a game series called Ultima that I started playing in 1983 and it basically replaced my interest in traditional RPGs and it started my journey into exploring computer based mmorpg fantasy games online.

The best part of this new online platform was that you did not have to gather a group together or wait for players schedules to align, you could just log in and have hundreds of gamers waiting to play!

Most gamers remember the glory days of UO and long for the memories of those type of nostalgic moments.

The original magic of Ultima Online has faded, but not to worry! Chances are you may not know that there is still a large, active UO community. There is a huge fan base that still plays on free, player-run shards.

These free to play shards have been around since about 1997 and started out as a hobby, and now have become very popular with UO fans.

Even though the Original Ultima Online software is getting older and out-dated with each passing year, the amount of custom content and scripts continues to grow.

If you miss roleplaying style games, here is a completely free hobby that can’t be beat. All you need is a copy of Ultima Online, your computer, and an internet connection. Then download the patch/client from the shard/server of your choice and log in.

Each custom UO shard has a learning curve, so many servers have a wiki and forums where you can ask fellow players your questions. Its all very friendly, and most private servers always want more players.

If you want to learn more, these are two websites can get you back into UO online mmorpg gaming.

JoinUO is a great top list, dedicated to Ultima Online free shards, that ranks the best UO shards by era, online player count, server speed and many other stats to help you decide which UO shard is best for your playing style.

That’s a good place to start. If you want to look for other shards then visit UO Gateway or Gamesites Top 200. Just look for it in your search engine of choice.

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